The Awake Vinga S is a jet-powered eFoil. Awake Boards are known for the very high quality Rävik jetboards.


Awake Boards is known for the premium Rävik 3 and Rävik S jetboards . The processing of these boards from Sweden is a dream. Almost too beautiful to put in the water…

Similar to the jetboards, the Awake Vinga S eFoils are also designed for sporty riders .

From April 2023, the new Awake Vinga 3 will also be available with more volume. The larger board makes it possible for all riders to get started with eFoiling.

Awake Boards attaches great importance to safety and therefore relies on a fully encapsulated jet drive and not on an open propeller.

A special feature is the click-to-ride technology, which makes it possible to assemble and disassemble the board – without any tools (!). This makes setting up the Awake Vinga faster than any other eFoil on the beach .

The three driving modes : Eco, Sport and Extreme can be selected via the remote control with high-resolution display.

In addition, the Flex batteries are compatible with Rävik jetboards. So you can use the same battery in all three boards. However, we recommend the larger XR battery for jetboards and the SR battery for Awake Vinga. There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, every kilo counts with the eFoil and the lighter SR battery increases maneuverability .

On the other hand, the eFoil needs less energy than a jetboard and therefore needs a smaller battery.

So our Awake Vinga comes with the SR battery and the Powder Wing 1800 . There is also a Powder Wing 1350 for very experienced riders, but we advise against this at first. It can be ordered separately later.

Awake Vinga Dates:

  • Driving time: Up to 2 hours
  • Driving modes: Eco, Sport and Extreme
  • Safety: Fully encapsulated jet drive
  • Charging time: 80 minutes
  • Maximum rider weight: 110 kg


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