BURTON Hideaway Snowboard


Burton Hideaway Snowboard


Burton Hideaway Snowboard

Take a creative spin on all terrains with Burton’s fun and stable Hideaway Board that stands out and inspires confidence.
The multifunctional little fun BURTON Hideaway Snowboard is the perfect tool for an unrestricted double-ended approach to the whole mountain.
The multiplayer Flat Top Bend offers the freedom and stability to tackle any terrain or condition.
The innovative Twin shape makes Hideaway by BURTON really fun to drive in either direction, while its sintered base ensures it stays fast even if you don’t have time to polish it.


  • Usage Area: All Mount
  • Level: Beginner
  • Response: Soft
  • Bend:  Flat Top – An advocate of strong turns and popping precision, Camber expresses the core values ​​of board design.
    Offering fast suspension, Camber evenly distributes weight across the entire length of the board for smooth, continuous edge control from end to tail.
  • Two-Way Shape : The classic snowboard shape is designed to be driven with a nose slightly longer than the tail to intensify the blowout at the tail.
    It still gives you plenty of swimming, flow and control to use any terrain or condition.
  • 5mm Rocker:  Allows easy turning, providing a directional board feel and focus with nothing stopping you from riding like a twin.
  • Flex:  Twin-Flex – Perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a flexible, equally versatile normal and balanced ride.
  • Mounting:  The Channel®: Stronger, faster, easier and more adjustable,
    Channel® gives you ultimate control over your stance and board in a design that’s compatible with all major mounts (not just BURTONs).
    Better still, all boards with The Channel are covered by a 3-year warranty.
    This means that if you have any problems with any part of the Channel, even if the Channel is in very good condition, you are covered by insurance.
  • Squeezebox Low:  Profiled core for easier board control, more energy and pop. BURTON’s most versatile Squeezebox profile improves pop and performance, thanks to the balance of
    thicker, stronger core sections with thinner, more flexible sections. The user’s energy is transferred outward from the bottom of the feet, energizing the tip and tail while making the board sharper, more stable and easier to manipulate.
  • Super Sap® Epoxy:  Available in all Family Tree models, Super Sap®
    is a resin formulated with bio-based materials that reduce the carbon footprint by 50% compared to traditional all-petroleum-based epoxies.


  • Core:  FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 800G Core ,Lightened and pop loaded, BURTON’s dual type wood core
    uses dual density vertical laminations of alternative softwood/hardwood to reduce overall weight without sacrificing strength or performance.
  • Core:  Dualzone™ EGD, Wood grain engineered for greater edge grip, responsiveness and strength.
    For consistent edge grip and increased strength, the wood grain is positioned along the toe and heel edges on two continuous zones perpendicular to the rest of the wood core.
  • Sole:  Extruded Sole, Speed ​​and power in a low maintenance sole.
  • Fiberglass:  Biax™ has a caliper friendly, torsionally soft resilience and a forgiving feel, great for beginner riders or the park.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Strong, low-maintenance soleplate
  • Shape offers a fun ride either way
  • Flat Top TM profile for better stability, balance and edge control
  • Flexible: Twin Flexible
  • Base: Extruded
  • Flexible Rating: Soft
  • Rocker Type: Flat
  • Panel Mounting: Duct
  • Core: Super Fly® 800G
  • Ideal Terrain: All mountain
  • Skill Level: Beginner-intermediate


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