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Dc Powder Killer Snowboard 2021

The DC legend Powder Killer Snowboard, known as the DC HR model, is back and ready for its riders to glide through plenty of snow. With DC S-Camber, it is the first Light Core technology that ensures that your board does not sink to the maximum degree in heavy snow. It allows you to move more comfortably with finer touches when you are at high speeds in heavy snow with your board. DC Powder Killer Snowboard boards, where you can turn even the most ordinary terrains into a snow park, and enjoy plenty of snow with pleasant smiles on your rides, are ready for your use for your free rides.

Product Details:

Type:  S-Camber  – This board features 4mm cambers between bindings with a smooth, gentle rise from the front end side to the tip radius. This profile provides maximum buoyancy in the deep parts of plenty of snow without sacrificing the strength of the traditional camber.


  • Elasticity: 6 – (1 Soft – 10 Hard)
  • Shape: Directional, Wide nose – While increasing your driving quality in heavy snow with its features, it offers you tremendously comfortable and free rides.
  • Core: Light Core –– Beams of poplar and light pavilion along the length of this wood core provide smooth resilience in DC’s lightest core.
  • Laminates: Biax Fiberglass
  • Base: Sintered Superior Base – Fast, durable and easy to use.
  • Sidewalls: Rounded Cheeks help you meet your soul’s extreme desire with your driving abilities.
  • Top Design: Fresh Deck Top Plate – With this structure, DC Powder Killer Snowboard boards allow drivers to receive dynamic responses achieved by using carefully selected natural woods to maximize riding pleasure. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the laminates, they are extra insulated for the unusual situations they may encounter on the mountain.
  • Graphic Design: Snow Camouflage
  • Terrain: Plenty of Snow


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