Serape Dot Pintail Cruiser Longboard



The Serape Dot Pintail Cruiser Longboard is a longboard skateboard designed for cruising and carving. The board features a unique and colorful Serape Dot design, which adds to its visual appeal.

The deck of the Serape Dot Pintail Cruiser Longboard is made from 8-ply maple wood and measures 44 inches in length and 9.75 inches in width, providing a stable and comfortable ride. The deck is also equipped with a pintail shape, which allows for easy carving and maneuvering.

The longboard also features reverse kingpin trucks, which provide a more responsive turning experience compared to traditional trucks. The wheels are 70mm in diameter and have a hardness rating of 78a, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride on a variety of surfaces.

The Serape Dot Pintail Cruiser Longboard also includes high-quality components such as Abec-7 bearings, which provide a smooth and fast ride, and black grip tape, which provides a secure and non-slip surface for the rider’s feet.

Overall, the Serape Dot Pintail Cruiser Longboard is a stylish and functional longboard skateboard that is perfect for cruising and carving on flat surfaces. Its unique design, high-quality components, and stable construction make it a great choice for riders of all skill levels.


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