The Fliteboard Series 3 is the latest 2023 model from Flite. The Fliteboard (Standard) is the all-rounder and the best-selling board from Flite. Our price includes the premium charger.


Fliteboard Series 3

With a volume of 99 liters , the Fliteboard Series 3 Standard Model is the all-rounder that most riders enjoy. It is Fliteboard’s best-selling board and is suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers .

Fliteboard is a high-performance eFoil that is bursting with innovation and is made from the highest quality materials. To adapt it to different requirements and individual body weight, four different board versions are available:

  • Air (For schools and rental)
  • Standard (The all-rounder and best-selling board)
  • Pro (For sporty and light riders)
  • Ultra (For Experts)

Finishing, wings and other components can  be configured to suit your personal style with hundreds of different combinations for the Fliteboard Series 3 . We are happy to advise you.

With the Series 3 there is now also a choice between jet and propeller propulsion :

  • Jet (Very smooth driving – more safety)
  • Propeller (More thrust for more aggressive drivers)

The Fliteboard Series 3 is also available in three versions :

  • Carbon (The Top Model)
  • Carbon Classic (The Series 2.2. Board with Series 3 drive)
  • Fiberglass (The entry-level model)

For the Fliteboard Standard  we recommend the carbon models .

Three battery sizes are also offered:

  • Explore  – 2.1 kW – 14.5 kg (The standard battery with the closest range – Up to 150 minutes)
  • Sport  1.5 kW – 11 kg (A lighter battery that increases the low at the expense of range – Up to 90 minutes)
  • Nano  0.85 kW – 6.2 kg (When every kilo counts. Only recommended for Ultra models – Up to 45 minutes)

For the Fliteboard Standard  we recommend the Explore battery .

Two chargers to choose from:

  • premium (recommended)
  • Standard (only recommended for nano batteries)

All our prices include the premium charger . The standard charger can also be ordered on request.

Fliteboard Series 3 Sizes:

  • Fliteboard Standard – Suitable for beginners and advanced. Sufficient volume and board area for early planing and getting up and yet very manoeuvrable and easy to transport. Length 172.72 cm – volume 100 liters
  • Fliteboard Pro – For experienced riders who want a small board. Lightweight and responsive. Due to its significantly reduced volume, the Fliteboard PRO is not suitable for beginners. Length 152.4 cm – volume 67 liters
  • Fliteboard Ultra – The smallest eFoil on the market. Only for experts who know what they are doing. Optional foot straps. Length 128 cm – volume 54 liters
  • Fliteboard Air – High quality inflatable board. Suitable for schools and commercial operators. Almost twice the volume of the standard board, for even easier learning. Length 201.2 cm – volume 175 liters

Fliteboard Standard:

  • Maximum driver weight: 100 kg (120 kg for standard with propeller)
  • Material fiberglass or carbon fiber
  • aluminum mast
  • Carbon fiber wings

Fliteboard Standard Weight (without battery):

  • 19.2 kg (carbon fiber)
  • 20.3 kg (fiberglass)


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