Men’s R1® Lite Yulex® Short John Wetsuit


Lite Yulex


Split toe booties are a type of footwear that is specifically designed for water sports and activities such as surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and more. They are made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber material that is known for its excellent insulation and water resistance properties.

What sets split toe booties apart from other types of water shoes is the unique split design of the toe box. The big toe is separated from the rest of the toes, providing greater stability and control when navigating through rough waters or performing maneuvers on a board.

Split toe booties come in a range of thicknesses to suit different water temperatures and weather conditions. They also feature a textured sole that provides traction and grip on wet and slippery surfaces, as well as a durable construction that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use in the water.

Overall, split toe booties are a must-have accessory for any serious water sports enthusiast who wants to protect their feet from the elements and enjoy maximum performance and control while on the water.

  • Made with Natural Rubber

    Stretchy 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% chlorine-free synthetic rubber by polymer content; natural rubber is FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance

  • Solution-Dyed Recycled Polyester Linings

    Stretchy, solution-dyed linings; interior is 100% recycled polyester, exterior is 88% recycled polyester/12% recycled spandex

  • Water-Based Glue Is Solvent-Free

    Linings laminated with water-based, solvent-free AquaA™ glue

  • Key Loop

    Easy-access key loop included

  • Flatlock Construction

    Seams are sewn with flatlock construction for comfort and durability

  • Supporting the People Who Made This Product

    Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, which means the people who made it earned a premium for their labor


  • Body

    1.5mm 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content, lined with high-stretch 100% recycled polyester jersey

  • Exterior

    88% recycled polyester/12% recycled spandex

  • Natural rubber is from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance

  • Fair Trade Certified™ sewn



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