Rossignol Tricstick Snowboard


Rossignol Trickstick Snowboard

Rossignol Trickstick offers a super lightweight construction, asymmetrical side cut and a hybrid camber profile. The hybrid camber profile features a reverse camber profile between the legs for fun and fluidity, while adding regular camber on the outside of the bindings for pop and edge control. This forging also features a unique core profile that mills different sections of the wood core to reduce weight and swing weight, making this board very light for riding park and jumps.

Asymmetrical Cut, tip and tail make edging easier, making transitions from toe to heel easier.

  • Usage Area: All Mountain/Runway
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Flex: Medium


  • Twin Type
  • Serrated Edge Cut
  • Balanced Maneuverability
  • Camber+Rocker Profile


  • Amptek Rocker: Each of our three patented Rocker and camber mixes is tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level. Boasting a softer end-to-end flex profile, the AMPTEK AUTO TURN features a 70/30 rocker/camber mix for effortless turn start and an easy, fun ride.
  • Flex 5 Rating: Rossignol snowboard FLEX ratings range from softest (1) to hardest (10), so you can choose the best flex model for your skill and riding style. Softer boards are easier to manipulate, while harder boards offer greater strength and stability.
  • Lite Frame+Asym Lite: Designed for Our Trutwin Twin Asymmetric Shape, LITE Frame + Asym LITE Core Technology Advances Our Breakthrough Visual Innovation by Combining Strategically Integrated Urethane Strips on Each Side of the Lashing with Full-Length Shock Absorption Pressure-Sensitive Side for Toe and Heel Returns Cut and Ultimate Ride Control.


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