Salomon Assassin Snowboard


Salomon Assassin Snowboard

The versatile Free Style board Assassin features a directional twin shape and is built with a long list of technologies, making it a board that can be used anywhere. The Quadralizer’s explosive combination of Equalizer and Quadratic provides superior edge control in short slaloms in tight spots as well as high speed slaolom.

  • Usage Area: All Mountain/Freesytle
  • Response: Medium
  • Level: Intermediate


  • Twin Type
  • camber
  • Sintered Base


  • Twin Tip: Twin shape for freestyle movements, directional flexibility for high-speed power. The tie-down stance is adjusted slightly back from the center.
  • BA MD Fiberglass: Medium density European made fiberglass layers guarantee a consistent level of quality for light and vibrant sheets.
  • Sintered EG: Designed for fast sliding speed and maximum wax retention in all conditions. Gallium enhances impact resistance, while Electra coating increases speed.
  • Natural Wax Base: A paraffin-free wax compound made from natural ingredients. A non-polluting compound held to the highest shear rate standards.


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