Water box assembly


Used in Exhaust GP and Exhaust Race


A water box assembly is a component commonly found in water-cooled engines, such as those found in marine or jet ski applications. The water box assembly is responsible for cooling the engine by circulating water around it and dissipating the heat generated by the engine.

The water box assembly typically consists of a metal or plastic container that contains a series of chambers and water pathways. Water is pumped from the body of water the vessel is in, and then circulated through the engine to absorb heat before being returned to the body of water.

The water box assembly usually includes a number of components, including an inlet and outlet hose, a thermostat to regulate water temperature, and various sensors to monitor water temperature and flow rates. The assembly also typically includes a pressure relief valve to prevent damage to the engine in the event of a blockage or other issue in the cooling system.

Overall, the water box assembly is an essential component in the proper functioning of a water-cooled engine. Proper maintenance and repair of the water box assembly is crucial for the longevity and performance of the engine.

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